Amazing Worship Album

Posted: December 12, 2008 in music, observations / opinions, worship

Over a year ago, I posted some thoughts about 12 years (now 13) of listening to worship music.  One of my issues was that not much has been out recently that really grabbed me or moved me in ways new worship music used to.  After that post, I ended up finding all of Tim Hughes solo stuff at McKay’s.  Good, not great.  Hillsong United was another suggestion, but I could never find them used, and I haven’t spent the dough for a new CD in a long time (not too mention I’m not a hip member of the IPod / ITunes revolution), so I just haven’t gotten to listen to them yet.  I know the handful of songs we do at Crossings, which I really like, but that was it. 

hillsong-cdThen, last week, I borrowed the live 2 CD Hillsong United “I Heart Revolution” album from Greg.  Over the last 3 days, I’ve been able to listen to all 30 songs.  And I’ve been blown away.  Out of 30 songs, there are probably only 6 I didn’t really care for.  And, although the other 24 are not all necessarily that singable on a Sunday morning, they are all really great.  Great lyrics, great musical quality, great rhythm and tempo changes, powerful builds, songs of adoration, songs of action, songs of reflection.  Most of the songs just have such a powerful feel and are so easy to worship to.  I will say that the music sounds very similar on a lot of songs.  They’re really into the smooth, almost U2 like electric guitar rhythms, which has really infiltrated the sound of a lot of popular worship today.  Regardless.  It’s still amazing.

Disclaimer:  Hillsong United may may not be quite as good as Jeff Moody, circa mid-90’s, but it’s VERY VERY good.

Disclaimer II:  If you link to the 12 years of woship post, notice that Tony from Tony & Donny actually commented on the post.  I emailed him after receiving the comment, but never heard anything back.  So, Tony, if you happen to be Googling your name again and come across THIS post, feel free to comment again.  If you do, I promise to email you again.  And you better respond.  If you don’t, I’ll never sing “I Oh I” in the shower ever again.


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