Wuz Up Big J-Baby?

Posted: December 17, 2008 in humor, my experiences

The other night while playing darts with my Monday night small group at Spicy’s, my friend Daniel referred to me as “J-Riz”.  He normally calls me “J-Rock”, so it caught me off guard, and got me to thinking about all the “J-” names I’ve been called over the years. 

The one that probably stuck for the longest was “J-Baby”.  In January 1995, me, Brian, and John were driving across Missouri on our way to Joplin for the National Youth Leaders Conference.  Brian had gone by the nickname “Boog” for quite a while (because of a MLB baseball player named Boog Powell…they shared the same last name), and we were actually talking about nicknames in general…how do they come about, why do some stick and some don’t.

Literally, while we’re having this conversation in the car, driving through Missouri, a car passes us on the interstate.  It has a vanity plate on the back.  The plate reads J-BABY.  And immediately, my first nickname was born.  John passed away from a heart condition back in 2000 (another story for another day), but Boog and a couple of other college friends still call me that to this day. 

With that in mind, I thought I’d try and list all the “J” names I’ve been referred to over the years. 

Jake-a-roo (my papaw called me this for a long time)
J (just J)
Big J

J-Baby definitely was the most popular of these, although I probably haved liked Jaybo the best.  I’m also open to J-Pimp, J-Ride, J-Homey, and J-Smack.

  1. Erin Edelen says:

    How about J-LOVE!? ;o}

  2. Jason says:

    I like it…well, maybe not if Daniel said it, but definitely if it’s coming from you.

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