Posted: January 19, 2009 in books

twilight_book_coverI’m 2/3 of the way through the Twilight book series. 

Currently, this entails four pretty thick books.  So far, in the last 4 weeks, I’ve read Twilight, New Moon, and I’m roughly 1/3 through Eclipse.  Breaking Dawn comes after that.  Of course, being the genius she is, Stephanie Meyer has created a story with no ending, so there’s ALWAYS the possibility of a next book. 

I’m not sure if this is something I wanted to admit or not, but there it is.  Erin read these books faster than I’ve ever seen her read any other book before, so I had to at least give it a chance.  Book 1 started off slowly for me.  I was struggling, about to quit.  Then the plot thickened, and from the second half of Twilight until now I’ve been reading about 60-100 pages every night before going to bed.  And I’m not a terribly fast reader, so this means I’ve been turning the lamp off around midnight every night, and waking up every morning just a little more tired than I’d like to be. 

For those of you not yet inclined to read these romantic adventures, let me give you a very brief synopsis:  girl moves to a small town.  girl falls for boy.  turns out boy is a vampire.  turns out boy is a relatively “good” vampire, as far as vampires go.  girl wants to be with boy forever.  girl wants to become a vampire.  danger, struggle, love, drama, and crisis ensue.  that’s really the essence.  Like any story, there’s much more to it, but that’s the core. 

(side note #1 – outside of my office window, right now, it is snowing.  i think it’s the first snow we’ve had so far this winter.  but it’s not sticking.  it never does.  cold weather + no snow = no sledding = sucky winters)

(side note #2 – yesterday at crossings was the second week our new venue, The Square Room.  and for two straight weeks, we’ve scrambled to put out enough chairs for everyone to have a seat in the 2nd service.  yesterday, there were people sitting on the floor.  crowded room + great worship + great message + really loud singing = lots and lots of goose bumps)

(excessive interjection #1 – 4 hours later, it continues to snow steadily outside of my window.  want to know how much snow is actually on the ground?  none.)

  1. nubourne says:

    Hey Jason! thanks for sharing your sincere interest and enjoyment of the Twilight saga. I rarely read about or talk with any men who’ve read it and enjoy it. But my husband really loves it too now, though he hasn’t gone through the last two either.

    He wouldn’t have stayed with it the first half of Twilight either since it’s all her emotional opinions in decifering his behavior. But we read it alongside her MIDNIGHT SUN first 11 chapters available online as a download from her website and that made all the difference in the world in his interest. Midnight Sun is the Twilight story from Edward’s perspective. It is the exact offset to every thought, facial expression, and mutual experience Bella describes in Twilight, but he also “hears” the minds of everyone around him including his siblings. So he presents a far more well-rounded version of their entire first few months together. He also tells what was going on with him and his family during all that time, which you never get a hint of in Twilight. He tells her many things later on as they get close but not everything. Besides, its far more interesting and downright funny to read the two together, comparing those moments as they are happening.

    I highly recommend you read Midnight Sun when you finish Eclipse, before moving on with Breaking Dawn. There are things in it that bring more meaning and depth to the rest of the stories and mostly to Edward’s character. It brought me a much stronger connection with and understanding of Edward’s journey along the way. From Bella’s perspective alone he just never has the emotion for her that she has for him and he flip flopped so constantly – its better to know what all was going through his mind and being discussed with his family at the time, causing each flip-flop. I didn’t read Midnight Sun until I’d read the other 4 books 3 times. Then I read it and it changed everything for me. That’s when I knew I could get my husband into the story – from Edward’s perspective, but alongside Twilight so nothing would be missing once we moved on to the next books.

    I wouldn’t normally comment this much on someone’s blog but I hope to encourage other men to read it, especially if their wives are already into it! Another recommendation for men who do not like to sit and read, at least not fiction… We listened to the AUDIOBOOK together (I’d already read all 4 books 3 times each when he decided he had to listen with me this time). They average $35-45 in stores, less at Amazon but the DOWNLOAD at is HALF that. But its like having the complete soundtrack to a movie only this is every single word written in the book so it doesn’t leave out half the story cramming into 2 hours. I got hooked on Twilight audiobooks but now I have the last 4 Harry Potter stories, Brisingr (Eragon 3), Wizard’s First Rule (TV’s Legend of the Seeker), Lord of the Rings, and the Sookie Stackhouse series (aka HBO’s TrueBlood, only they added a lot more lude stuff to HBO version, the books are cool.

    Twi-Guys (and gals who want their guys to read it) check out as an option they can listen to in the car or on their ipod. My son listens to books while building things and while working out (he’s the dragons and wizards dude of the house)!

    *NuBourne* “Immortal Fiction”

  2. Greg says:

    I deduct 25 man points and sentence you to eat 20 chicken wings. These books are for teenage girls.

    What’s next? A long and thought out post on how much “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret” moved you?

  3. nubourne says:

    okay so I rambled a bit… what can I say? I’m a writer, not an editor! lol

  4. jeph says:

    If I remember correctly, Greg gets highlights in his hair. How many man-points do you deduct for that?

    Granted, reading all of the Twilight books is worse. But hopefully you make up for that by lifting weights and hunting or something. Please tell me you play sports regularly!?

  5. Greg says:

    highlights is a 25 point deduction if you decide to do it all by yourself… only a 10 point deduction if your wife makes you do it.

  6. Jason says:

    sorry I haven’t had a chance to respond….I was out of work all day yesterday getting my monthly spa treatment and “man”icure. sike. eli’s been out of school quite a bit in the last two weeks with ear infections, diarreah, viral infection, etc…anyways…

    yes, greg, i understand. actually, the whole “teenage girl book” think was the reason i struggled through the first book. the first, much more so than the 2nd or 3rd so far, is definitely centered around girly-emotions-high school-crushes-lovey-feelings-crap. however, once i struggled through that and made it to the actual vampire part of the saga, it became more interesting. i’ll finish book three in the next 2 or 3 days.

    thanks jeph. i have played basketball about 6 times in the last 2 months, hope that counts? and i changed the windshield wipers out on my wife’s car by myself the other night. that’s pretty big for me.

    and in regards to highlights. i’ve gotta think through the points. i could understand a minimal deduction if the wife forced you to do it one time in your life, but then you put the hammer down, and said “no more”. but when it occurs almost on a yearly basis, that’s different. and darts doesn’t count as playing sports, so there’s no redeeming point value there. i’ll get back to you.

  7. John Pridemore says:

    Jason, I’ll lend you some of my man points if you buy me a Mountain Dew. I’m jones’n for a dew.

  8. Meriam says:

    Hey, I changed the windshield wipers on my van all by myself. Even had to show my father-in-law how to take the old ones off. I even picked them out with out Ron telling me what to get. So, does that mean I get some man points (as if I would want them) or does that diminish the man point value of this handy skill.

    Also, I refuse to read Twilight.

  9. I know how it feels LOL, I wouldn’t call myself a reader, I literally ate the first book in a week! I have never done that EVER, the second one, got me a little bored at times… but with Eclipse I’ve been reading it in a fast pase, love them all by the way…

    good post! bye!

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