Stuff I’m Good At

Posted: February 23, 2009 in observations / opinions

Typing.  About 65-70 wpm with minimal errors.

Moderating.  I’ve always been good at listening to and understanding both (or all) sides of an argument, issue, or viewpoint.  Even in my faith, it has often taken me a long time to reach my own conclusions on a doctrine, because I’m able to see the validity of different viewpoints, and I’m torn between them.

I used to be really good at golf.  At one point, in the year 2000, I had seriously considered looking into entering PGA school, to train to be a certified PGA professional.  Not in the playing-on-the-PGA-tour sense…I was never close to that good.  But in terms of running a golf course, being a certified teacher, giving lessons, etc.  I was good enough to have done this.   I’m not anymore…this is mainly due to having not played golf in 18 months, and only having played about 12 times in the last 3 years.  Too expensive.

Making decisions.  Now, I’m not necessarily great at making the “right” decisions on things.  What I’m good at is actually being willing to be the person to make a decision on something.  I’ve always been willing to do this and accept the consequences of it.  As a result, throughout high school and college, I was ALWAYS the person who ended up being the “group leader” in any group project or assignment that our classes took part in.

Math.  Unfortunately, I’ve barely studied or practiced math in the last 12 years, so I feel sort of dumb again.  But I scored a 33 on my ACT in the math section, and have always been able to do quick calculations in my head and think that equations are the true building blocks of creation.

Being a one-on-one conversationalist.  I’m normally a terrible conversationalist in group settings…too many people to engage and listen to.  But in one-on-one situations, I feel like I can have a meaningful conversation with anyone….young, old, believer, non-believer, poor, rich, black, white, doesn’t matter.

Critiquing church services.  Whether this  is a spiritual gift or not, I cannot say.  This relates to having a core understanding of, in the application of  a church worship service, how to help people feel truly comfortable, creating healthy responses, controlling the flow/atmosphere/asthetics in a meaningful way, eliminating unnecessary distractions, stuff like that.  It would be cool to get paid to do this.

Rapping.  Yep, this is true.  I’ve never been really great at writing rap songs.  I’m okay, but not great.  I think if I had some sort of studio where I could create beats and really work on songs, I could be better at it.   What I’m good at is the actually rapping.  Over my life, I’ve been able to rap along with Will Smith, the Fat Boys, Run DMC, Naughty by Nature, Young MC, Eminem, Dr Dre, The Fugees, Vanilla Ice, The Beastie Boys, T-Bone, Dynamic Twins, and more.   Seriously.  This is true.  Stop laughing.

  1. greg says:

    Oh, we’re not laughing at you… we’re laughing at Jaybo, the rappin’ golf playin’ math whiz.

    I would add one thing to the list… you’re exceptionally good at hitting triple 19 on a dart board. Anything else, not so much, but triple 19… that’s your deal.

  2. jeph says:

    and we haven’t stopped laughing for 10 years…

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