Stuff I’m Bad At

Posted: February 26, 2009 in lifestyle, my experiences, observations / opinions, soap box

Building Things.  I’m a terrible builder.  If you asked me to build a birdhouse, I wouldn’t know where to begin.  My understanding of what goes into building  a house…foundation, framing, drywall, etc…is basically nill.

Fixing Things.  Similar, but different.  Fortunately, I’m not of the Heathcliff Huxtable ilk … he wanted to fix things even though he couldn’t … I just recognize I can’t … so I don’t.  The extent of my handman skills are in the realm of adding windshield wiper fluid to my car, hanging pictures in the living room, and changing out the air filters each month.

Tolerance.  I hate this about myself.  Sometimes I realize my intolerance and stop it…most of the time I’m blinded by it.  I seem to hold others to unreal expectations of how they should act, feel, speak, live…even to expectation I don’t measure up to myself.  I’m intolerant of people who are dependent on others to do things I think they should do for themselves.  I’m not even really sure where this comes from, but it’s definitely a sour side of my personality that I’m working on.

Cursing.  I don’t consider myself foul mouthed by any means, but I tend to use more curse words in daily life than I’d like to.  It was definitely worse back in my car-selling days….working around drunks, druggies, and curse-every-other-word-because-they-can’t-think-of-better-things-to-say people definitely rubbed off on me a little.  And I’m definitely not a cursing-is-of-the-devil kind of guys…I just don’t like when it’s used as a crutch, as a remedy for the absense of better vocabulary.

Gift Giving.  I’ve shared this before.  Something inside of me just has this sort of disdain for gift giving holidays….Valentine’s, Easter, Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Christmas….it’s not the spirit of the holiday I’m opposed to, but the cultural expectation of gift giving – gift giving as an expression of how much you love or care about a spouse, friend, family member, coworker, etc.  It’s the way you’re looked down upon if you don’t pitch in at the $10.00 office gift swap.  It’s the idea that a holiday somehow isn’t complete unless you buy someone something.  I don’t necessarily apologize for my stance on this….what I’m bad at is letting it affect me to a point where I’m unable to fully enjoy the spirit of the holiday because of my poor frame of mind over gift giving.

Exercising.  Plain and simple…I almost never, ever exercise.

Praying Before Meals.  Plain and simple…I almost never, ever pray before meals.

Team Sports.  This is a combination of my inclination to be reclusive….as well as my intolerance (see above) for the miscomings of others.  I’ve had a pretty terrible competitive drive for most my sporting life.  In college, I would get so mad at my intramural teammates (who, by the way, were my closest friends, but simply were not quite as athletic as I was), that I finally gave up intramurals after my sophomore year, because I could see how damaging this was to my psyche and potentially to my friendships.  Because of this, individual sports/games – tennis, golf, ping pong, billiards, darts, stuff like that – have been more enjoyable for me over the years.  At least in those sports, if I lose, it’s because I was not good enough, and I have no one else to blame.

Small Talk.  I’m definitely not one to talk about the weather.  The weather is the weather.  It happens everyday, all year.  It changes.  It’s hot, cold, rainy, snowy.  The weather is the weather.  I tend to go straight from small talk to meaningful talk as quickly as possible if I can.  The bad part is that, just as often, I tend to go from small talk to I-don’t-want-to-talk-to-you-at-all if meaningful talk doesn’t seem possible or interesting.

  1. Shelley says:

    I also almost never pray before meals. I don’t think that God wants us to pray out of obligation, but out of love. Yes, I love food, but I have a relationship with God, and he doesn’t like me to talk with my mouth full….

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