Completely Useless Talent #1

Posted: March 18, 2009 in humor, weird

I have the ability to cross only one eye at a time.


Now that I think about it, maybe it’s not completely useless.   Back in my church camp days, when I used to wear glasses more than contacts, I used to convince elementary, jr high, and sr high campers that I wore glasses NOT because of poor vision, but because I had a cross-eyed disease.  I would tell them my glasses has a special corrective lens that helped to keep my “crooked eye” straightened out.

Then…I would demonstrate.  (this was always so funny)  As I would take my glasses off, I would cross my eye.  Then, putting the glasses back on, I would uncross my eye.  I could do it over and over.  What a riot!!  It never failed to work.

  1. Leeann Sobek says:

    Not to downplay your *ahem* talent, but it didn’t take much to impress the kids at church camp. They all thought we adults had some serious superpowers, especially when we could do tricks–like go down the water slide standing up. (What a boost to the ol’ ego, huh?) Remember how excited they would get if we let them dye our hair with Kool-aid? Or all the mail call escapades? They were predictable, but fun.

    I sure miss those days. They should have a week of camp called Alumni so we could go back.

  2. jeph says:

    Forget what I said. Quit blogging. 🙂 JUST KIDDING.

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