Is he really 5?

Posted: March 30, 2009 in eli, family

This Thursday, Eli will turn 5 years old.  As awesome as birthdays are for kids, this one is actually a tough one for me.

My boy isn’t really a toddler anymore.  Soon he’ll be headed to kindergarten.  Just this weekend he told Erin, “Mommy, I really want to kiss a girl on the lips.”

I guess part of what scares me is that he’s now old enough that I’m actually having trouble remembering him as a baby.  Those moments that you have as a parent when your child is very young, those moments that, while they are happening, are priceless … those moments are now fuzzy memories for me.  Crawling, waddling, falling asleep on dad’s chest on the couch, humming in the baby swing.

Now he’s a “big kid”.  He rearranges his room, can take showers pretty much on his own, doesn’t want help getting things in the kitchen, asks to stay up later and later, and is excited about becoming a “school ager” in his preschool.

Regretfully, Erin and I did not have a digital camera until Spring 2006, so the first couple of years were captured on low quality, printed pictures.  But, from what I have available….here’s a little slice of my son growing up.  (Clockwise, starting at top left – June 2006, April 2007, May 2008, and March 2009)


  1. Kaly says:

    You left out one of my favorite pictures of him. 🙂

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