i say again, no one is blogging

Posted: April 1, 2009 in blogosphere, humor, observations / opinions

When I wrote several days ago that blogging is becoming obsolete, I had thoughts as to whether or not I had jumped the gun, reacted too quickly.

I’m not so sure now.  Example – in my blogroll to the left there are 14 different people/blogs listed, those friends of mine whose blogs I make sure to read the most regularly.  In the last 7 days, among those 14 blogs, there are a grand total of 7 posts.  That’s 1/2 post per blog over the last 7 days.  And a few of you have not posted in 2 weeks or more.

I know who you are.  You’re smart, well versed, funny, insightful people.  You have more important things to share than what can fit in 1/2 of a post over a 7 day period.  Some of you have many multiples of Facebook updates/comments over that same time period.  I know.  Big Brother is watching.

No man is an island.  I will not blog alone.  I put my heart on the line at least 2-3 times a week, and I have nothing to read in return.  I’m looking for friends, both men and women, who will stand up, open their minds, pour out their hearts, make fun of others and themselves, show ridiculous You Tube videos, and generally entertain me during my breaks at work.

Will you be that person?  Do you have what it takes?  In the totally irrelevant words of William Wallace……..


  1. jeph says:

    it’s all about you, eh? 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    I’ve been sick.

  3. meriambull says:

    I will have you know last week I posted twice! Two days in a row! (We won’t talk about how long it had been since my last post.)

  4. Erin says:

    Sorry Honey, blogging is not the new cool fad anymore.

  5. Jason says:

    Jeph – yes, it is. Original sin and all, you know, what can I say?

    Michael – no excuse. A warrior is never sick.

    Meriam – you should be ashamed – it had been like 2 months for you! And to think I made your crescent cinnamon rolls and coca cola pork chops.

    Erin – I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of a cool fad. I’m pretty much always about 2-3 years behind on all cool trends….sketcher shoes, blogging, jeans with little rips in them, still don’t have or use i-tunes, just started texting about 4 months ago.

  6. meriambull says:

    Well, you see, my recipes are so good they are worth waiting for. ;D

  7. Kaly says:

    I love how you called me out. lol

  8. Shelley says:

    Sorry Jason,
    went out of town, got custody of my step son, spent time with him, just catching up on 300 odd posts on my reader ,then I might blog.
    Keep writing though.

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