arrested development live

Posted: April 10, 2009 in music, my experiences

arrested-developmentI can hardly believe that, last night, I actually got to see Arrested Development in a live concert in downtown Knoxville – for free.

Nearly 18 months ago, I had written this post, wondering what had happened to this group.  I’ve had their original CD (pictured) since 1993, and have always loved it.  Little did I know that when I wrote that post, Speech had just reunited 4 of the original 6 members and they had just released a new album and started touring again in Europe and Asia.

Apparently, for a while after getting back together, they purposely did not tour or promote heavily in the US, mainly because of America’s hip hop affection for negative messages and gangsta style lyrics, both of which are on the opposite side of the spectrum from Arrested Development’s music.

Anyway…they were the headline show for Market Square’s first Sundown in the City concert of 2009.  Reid (friend from small group) and I headed downtown after small group.  Unfortunately, I think we missed the first 2 or 3 songs of their performance, but still got to hear them for another 90 minutes or so.  It was actually much better than I expected.  Their live music was amazing, they had great energy, the did all their old songs that everyone knows and loves.  And one of the group members is a 76 year old man named Baba Oje who dances around the stage, getting into the hip hop groove.  It was awesome.

And Market Square was PACKED.  I’m guessing maybe 10,000 people?  It was standing room only in the entire square.  We were fortunate to muscle our way fairly close to the stage, although left of center just a bit.

So, to answer my own original question, where did Arrested Development go?  Well, they split up in 1994, did some solo stuff, got back together around 2006-2007, and now they just came to the big town of Knoxville.  Makes me happy.

  1. betsy says:

    did they do mr. wendell? that was my fave. also, i saw this game show they had a few years back where they brought back old bands and competed for who america wanted and they won. tiffany was also on there. this was different from “bands reunited” which was also a big hit in the wolf house. good times!

  2. Jason says:

    Oh yea – they did all my favorites from that album – Mr Wendell, Everyday People, Tennessee, Mama’s Always on Stage, Dawn of the Dread, Fishin For Religion

    Of course, the smell of doobies that permeated the air contributed to the overall experience.

  3. betsy says:

    i can imagine. it was much like that when the wailers where there a couple of years ago. great though.

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