a year since vegetarianism

Posted: April 13, 2009 in food, my experiences

It was about a year ago at this time that I ended an approximate 2 month run at vegetarian eating.

In the roughly 355 days that have passed since, I have eaten in the neighborhood of…

23 steaks

188 chicken nuggets

107 hamburgers

31 pork chops

19 servings of meat sauce (on top of spaghetti, mixed with Manwich, added to cheese for nacho dipping)

4 pounds of meatloaf

26 sausage patties

20 strips of bacon

39 chicken breast portions

No tofu

42 ham, turkey, or chicken salad sandwiches

A few spreads of potted meat on crackers (uh huh, i love me sum potted meat)

14 cans of Hormel’s chili (looks a lot like Alpo, but tastes much better)

22 hot or corn dogs

46 tacos/enchiladas/burritos/tostadas/crunchwrap supremes/or chalupas

A few months worth of pride.

  1. Michael Cody says:

    Good boy. *pat pat pat* Now it’s time to step it up. Last year, the best $400 I ever spent was going half and half with my uncle and I bought half a cow. Steak for breakfast, lunch, lunch two, dinner and dinner two. It’s awesome.

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