Crossings – A T-Shirt Community

Posted: April 16, 2009 in crossings, ministry, work

At Crossings, we’ve already begun to jokingly refer to the fact that we love us some t-shirts.  It’s been cool on my part to be part of providing t-shirts for the community over the last 2 years.  In fact, I fully believe that t-shirts can help instill a sense of community … they commemorate moments or events, they help you feel connected.  It’s awesome showing up pretty much every Sunday morning and seeing at least a few people wearing a Crossings t-shirt of some kind.  Below is a recap of all the t-shirts we’ve produced thus far.  For each tee – the front of the shirt is on the left hand side, the back of the shirt is on the right hand side.

Here’s a brief description of each (from the top).  1 – Crossings Logo Tee – Crossings logo on the left chest with “HPFTWBTG” on the back (Helping People Find Their Way Back to God).  We’ve actually done two runs of these – some in black, some in charcoal, some in chocolate brown on a ladies cut tee.  We also printed the front logo on several hooded sweatshirts, which everone seems to have really loved.  Probably about 150 of these shirts and hoodies circulating.  2 – Crossing Baptism Tee – given to anyone who is baptized at Crossings as a commemorative shirt.  3 – The Tour of John’s Story Tee – we did about 300 of these last March at the end of a 20-something week long study of John.  They were free to anyone who wanted one.  4 – Production Tee – we gave these out to all the people who had actively served and sweated during the time we were at the theater, setting up and breaking down every morning.  We asked these awesome servants to come forward at the end of a service in January at 4MS to applaud their efforts and present their shirts.  5 – Pregnant Woman Tee – this was the one I did for my small group, and as a practical joke on Mark.  I posted about this roughly a month ago.  6 – Never Thwarted Tee – Like the John tee, this shirt commemorated a 20-something week study of the book of Genesis.  We took preorders for anyone who wanted one at a very low cost.  Both this and the John shirt are “concert style”, where the back of each shirt has the date, the passage studied, and the “big idea” for that week.  Similar to a concert tour layout.  (UPDATE)  Greg reminded me that I forgot the Balls Tee – Trevor, during a testimony last summer, basically said that his boss at work would sometimes tell him to “grow some balls”.  And he said it just like that.  Then realized his faux pax, then made fun of himself and had the whole place laughing.  So I made some Balls Tees and had them there early a couple of weeks later, so when Trevor showed up, about 12-15 of us were wearing these shirts.


  1. bill says:

    Dude, I totally agree, t-shirts do create community in a weird way. Its really cool. AND…its free marketing. Well, not free…but it sure beats the heck out of a highway billboard.

  2. Greg says:

    I’m still holding out for the bumper stickers…

    and didn’t you forget the “never say nutz in church” shirt?

  3. Jason says:

    Good call, sir. Updated. How in the world could I have forgotten that one??

    and a bumper/window/guitar case/ sticker is a GREAT idea – and not terribly expensive – although I’d have to do at least 250, maybe 500 of them (vendor minimums) (mark/bill – are you listening?)

  4. jeph says:

    there’s no “i’m a CROSSINGS soccer mom” t-shirts? i’m disappointed.

    hey, you need to hook me up with some tees!!! we’re paying out the butt for them up here.

  5. Jason says:

    haha, email me next time you’re looking to do some, and I’ll price it for ya. can’t promise we’ll be cheaper, but we’ll see. the ones we’ve done for crossings, I’ve actually done all those shirts as an “employee purchase” in my name, and then crossings just pays me back. not sure if i could do that for you guys, but i’ll try to hook you up!

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