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Posted: May 6, 2009 in everything else, observations / opinions

This is actually copied and pasted from one of my pages at the top, but I don’t think anyone ever reads them, so I thought I’d post it.  There are a few updates from the page.  Enjoy.

Favorite Food – Hamburgers

Favorite Movie (All Time) – Braveheart

Favorite Movie (Current) – Slumdog Millionaire

Favorite TV Show (All Time) – The West Wing

Favorite TV Show (Current) – The Office

Favorite TV Show You May Have Never Watched – Sports Night

Favorite Article of Clothing – Shoes With No Laces

Favorite Sports Team – Tiger Woods

Favorite Athelte – Tiger Woods

Favorite Person With an Animal’s Name – Tiger Woods

Favorite Retirement Dream – Traveling all over the world to all the most beautiful, spectacular natural environments … Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, The Great Barrier Reef, Alaska, Montana, Mayan and Incan Ruins, etc.

Favorite All-Time Music Artist – Michael Jackson

Favorite All-Time Music Group – DC Talk

Favorite Way to Spend a Quarter – 2 pieces of Laffy Taffy

Favorite Drink – (tie) Coke / Sweet Tea

Favorite Restaurant – Cracker Barrell…you always know what to expect, and you always know it’s gonna be good.

Favorite Extra Curricular Activities – Movies, Church, Darts, Reading, Frisbee, Tennis, Enjoying Nature

Favorite Thing About President Obama – Seems to connect with the “common man”

Least Favorite Thing About President Obama – When doing tv interviews, he often comes across as scowling and a little snippy.

Favorite Cereal – Wow, what a tough question.  All time, I would have to say Apple Jacks.

Favorite Worship Song (All Time) – Lord I Lift Your Name on High

Favorite Worship Song (Current) – Jesus Paid It All – updated version from the Everything Glorious Album

Favorite Worship Song That I’ve Rarely Heard Sung in Church – Ancient of Days

Favorite Soap – Irish Spring

Favorite Shampoo – Pert Plus

Favorite Hair Cut – high and tight

Favorite Book (All Time) – Lord of the Flies

Favorite Book (Current) – Blue Like Jazz

Favorite Talk Show – Ellen

Favorite Reality TV Show – (tie) Extreme Home Makeover / So You Think You Can Dance

Favorite Place I’ve Actually Been – Barbados

Favorite Place I’ve Never Been – Idaho

Favorite Bachelor Food – Manwich

Favorite Car (All Time) – Honda CRX

Favorite Car (Current) – Honda Element

Favorite Thing About God – He is Constant, Never Changing

Favorite Slang Word – “sick”

Favorite Place to Eat Wings – Quaker Steak & Lube

Favorite Sandwich – Buffalo Chicken

Favorite Video Game (current) – Tiger Woods Golf, X-Box

Favorite Video Game (all time) – NBA Jam, Sega

Favorite All-Time Tennis Player – Andre Agassi

Favorite Sandwich Bread – Honey Wheat

Favorite Non-Sandwich Bread – Banana Nut

Favorite Character on The Office – Jim Halpert

Favorite TV Show I Hardly Ever Watch – Scrubs

Favorite All Time Baseball Player – Will Clark

Favorite List – Favorite Things

  1. bill says:

    awe, i made banana nut bread today. i am pretty sure it will be gone by the next time i see you though, so i can’t share. sorry. I really related to the Friends episode where Joey doesn’t share food.

  2. bill says:

    oooops, that was betsy, not bill.

  3. Jason says:

    you had me at “awe”
    you lost me at “can’t share”

  4. Derek says:

    You know I think it takes a brave man to admit that Michael Jackson is your favorite all time artist. That being said, I think that if we all had enough courage a lot of us would admit that also.

    When I was at Johnson I remember Barbara Walters or someone did a huge special on Michael Jackson on prime time. One of the guys on the wing was watching it and every so often someone would come into the room realize what he was watching and begin to make fun of him. Then they would sit down and watch it also. By the end of the show there were about 10 of us watching the special. And when it was all over we each did our best to try and dance like Michael. I will never forget that night. I think Bill was there if I am not mistaken.


  5. betsy says:

    Bill WAS there, and it was this concert that was in honor of him and usher performed at it, but Michael also performed at it (again, even though it was for him). i know because i was watching it in my room. Bill still talks about that night.

    this is the part of the blog where i out michael cody for having michael jackson doll. i will also out myself for owning Moonwalker on VHS. I will also out the Jabbawockeez for rocking hard to PYT. I think I could keep outing people that love MJ, including Michael Jordan…do you guys remember the video for “Jam”?

  6. Jason says:

    When I was at KCC, my friends and I watched a 2 hour live in concert Michael Jackson special on HBO from the History Tour.. It was in Budapest or something, at a soccer stadium filled 200,000 crazy fans. AMAZING. The last song was “Man in the Mirror”, and the song went on for roughly 15 minutes. During the song, 150 kids, each from a different country around the world, came onto the stage and were all singing the chorus together over and over.

    Toward the end of the song, Michael, while still singing, straps on a jet pack. Then turns it on. Then FREAKING STARTS FLYING OVER THE CROWD in a freaking strapped on jet pack. Then flies out of the stadium. Then a voice comes over the sound system and says, “Ladies and gentleman, Michael Jackson has now left the stadium.” One of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

  7. greg says:

    that’s not particularly impressive. That’s how I leave the stage most Sunday mornings at PUMC.

  8. jeph says:

    my first concert…michael jackson…neyland stadium…early 80’s. jackson five joined him for a full set as well. only weird part was the opening act was a professional juggler. why i remember that, i do not know.

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