kiss and tell

Posted: May 20, 2009 in eli

charlie brown kissEli turned 5 about 6 weeks ago.  About 3 weeks ago, he started at a new preschool.  We hated to change after 2 years at one place, but, because of location, his new preschool will be able to pick him up from kindergarten starting in August.  His old one did not.

He’s adjusted well and made some new friends.  His best friend at this point is a VERY talkative girl named Maggie.  Just a few days ago, I found out from Erin that Eli and Maggie had kissed each other on the lips during playground time.

I asked him, “So, Eli, when you and Maggie kissed, was it yucky?”

Eli said, “Nope.  It was good.  I liked it.”

  1. Leeann says:

    So he has fulfilled his goal from your blog “is he really 5?” Wow…already setting and reaching goals at age five. That was a pretty ambitious goal for a man of his age, one which he accomplished in a short amount of time, too. Forget about learning to spell his whole name or coloring in the lines, he went for the good stuff!! 🙂

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