6 days…

Posted: June 9, 2009 in my thoughts

and no post.  That’s nearly a record for me.  Sorry.  I’ve been totally slammed at work….and I only blog at work since we do not own a computer of our own at home.

Played golf 4 times in the last month.  It had been 2 years since I played.  The only reason I am now is because I saved up money for a little golfing weekend with an old friend last month, and he ended up having to cancel two days before the trip.  But we’ve rescheduled for later this summer, so I’m going to have to stop playing again or else I won’t have the cash to go play then.  Golf sucks.  And is also the most amazing pasttime I’ve ever known.

Is there a blog application that would allow readers to donate to my personal golf fund?

Erin and I watched the entire 4th season of Weeds in 3 days.  I’ve said this before, but I’m loving watching tv shows on DVD.  And Weeds is one of the best ever.  Now it totally sucks that we’ll have to wait several months before the 5th season is released.  Hopefully the 3rd season of Dexter will be out soon.  I can’t wait to see who he kills next!

Starting reading George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” last night.  The last time I read it was in high school, and I’d completely forgotten everything about it.  I probably read 1/3 of it last night, and would have loved to have kept going, but was just too tired.  When I’m finished with it, I’m moving on to John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”, which I also last read in high school.  Again, I’ve completely forgotten it and only remember having liked it the first time (much like my first kiss, the last time I had homemade mango juice in Barbados, and playing Frogger).

We have a tiny area in front of our town house to plant things.  I mean, probably not much bigger than my office desk tiny.  For 4 years a thorny bush was there.  We inherited this.  I finally dug it out and went to find seeds to plant with Eli.  He chose Zucchini.  I did not know at the time that zucchini plants are freakish – they grow like crazy and produce more zucchini than you can possibly eat.  We only planted these 4 weeks ago and they are now overtaking our planting area!

No worries though, they won’t be an eyesore.  Because last week, just in front of the zucchini plants, I planted a row of mammoth sunflowers, which can grow to a height of 12 feet in just 2 months time!  That will rock.

Bought Beck’s “Odelay” album at McKay’s this weekend.  It’s from 1996.  Totally freaking love it.

Do you live in Knoxville?  Have you ever eaten lunch at Wright’s Cafeteria on Middlebrook Pike?  No?  YOU MUST GO.  The best sweet tea I’ve ever had in my life.  Peace out.

  1. Leeann says:

    The Grapes of Wrath…one of my alltime favorites! Thanks to Mrs Tatum’s junior year Advanced English. You might also like The Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird (also a Mrs Tatum assignment).

    Yep, zucchini will grow like mad, but so will sunflowers. Just beware, sunflowers reproduce like crazy. Wherever a seed falls, you will have a plant. Our neighbor’s back yard was practically taken over by them and he only planted 3! Took a whole summer to get them all dug up and out.

  2. Jason says:

    Yeah, Mrs Tatum was okay. However, me being a guy and all, I was definitely more attuned to Mrs Lawson’s class….the closest thing we had to a hottie teacher at WCHS!

  3. Leeann says:

    Seriously, Mrs Lawson…a hottie? Are you forgetting Mrs Jenkins?? 😛

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