a couple of cool things from Threds…

Posted: June 11, 2009 in food, work

5-7-09 003First…..We’re partnering with McAlister’s Deli (we do all their uniform apparel for all their restaurants nationwide) on a new charity-driven site.  McAlister’s is a major contributer to Share Our Strength – an organization who’s one goal is to see that no kid in America goes hungry.

We’ve just gone live with a new site – WWW.TEAFREAKSTSHIRT.COM – that allows anyone who loves McAlister’s sweet tea (and don’t we all?) to buy a brand new “Tea Freaks” t-shirt.  The site will stay up for about 3 months, and ALL proceeds from sale of the shirts will go directly to Share Our Strength.

(ps – you didn’t hear this from me, but if you order a shirt, you also get a coupon in your order for a free cookie at McAlister’s Deli)

Second….we recently designed a series of new UT Football t-shirt designs that the general public got to vote on at UTsports.com.  Here is the winning shirt.  Over the next couple of months, we anticipate printing about 30,000 of these and they’ll be available for purchase at area retailers, and pretty much any store that you can normally find UT apparel at.  They’ll also be available at just about every single 107.7 FM WIVK remote over the next few weeks – staffed by part time college agers with Threds.

I’m not the biggest UT or Lane Kiffin fan….but it’s still a pretty sweet shirt, huh?



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