By The Way…

Posted: October 7, 2009 in humor



Go ahead and hit yourself in the arm for me.  Suckaaa!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t this break ground rule 1,2, and 3?

    Kari Jo

  2. Jason says:

    This is a stretch, but here goes:

    Ground Rule 1: It took me longer than 2 minutes – I had to take the picture, load it onto the computer, crop it in Microsoft Publisher, resize it, and then create the post. Took about 5 minutes to do all of this.

    Ground Rule 2: Just because I only wrote 2 sentences does not mean that I did not write to the best of my ability.

    Ground Rule 3: This could technically qualify as a “general diatribe” that is important to my “overall life experience.” Because this little gag has been a part of my life experience since like the 5th grade. It’s been one of the memorable consistencies in my life. In fact, my friend China Matt just got me with it about 3 weeks ago. But he’s a vegan and a pacifist, so he didn’t hit me in the shoulder.

    Bottom line…it’s a good gotcha, because you totally don’t see it coming. Also, it caused you to comment on my blog for the first time in months, so it was totally worth it. 🙂

  3. meriambull says:

    This has nothing to do with your post. Just thought you would want to know I started another blog. It’s all about the digestive cycles of my kids. You know, all about how often they poop.

    No, seriously. We’re taking a sabbatical out west and we’re blogging it.

  4. Leeann says:

    You’re right Jason, it’s a stretch of your rules. However I laughed really hard.

    So you should follow this one up with the researched meaning of said ‘sign’, the origin, the purpose, the desired result and the reaction of the person you “got”.

  5. Jason says:

    Meriam – very cool, I read your new blog posts up to date. Sounds scary and fun and adventurous!

    Leeann – if you laugh really hard, it doesn’t matter if I broke the rules. Laughter trumps all.

  6. Leeann says:

    True. And not only did I laugh, but I had some great high school memories of you and some other guys in Spanish and English classes playing this little joke. Funny how it never got old…

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