Moving Crew

Posted: November 13, 2009 in crossings, serving others, small group

IMG_1113bAbout 18 months ago, after our guys small group had been meeting for about 6 months, had grown in numbers just a little, and were starting to gel, we kept having conversations each week about how we wanted to serve more consistently, both as individuals and as a small group.  We wanted to be involved with helping people.  Problem was, we just didn’t know how, and we didn’t want to just default to serving meals because that seemed like something lots of people were doing already.

Over the last 18 months, God took it upon Himself to figure this out for us.  He has effectively placed in our path NINE (9) opportunities to help someone either in our small group, or in the Crossings community, move from one home to another.  We are now, as we like to call it, the Moving Crew.

Two of these opportunities have come in the last two weeks.  Last Thursday night, about 9 of us helped a single female in another small group move from one apartment to another.  The ENTIRE move, beginning to end, took about 50 minutes.  That’s what happens when you have a reasonably small amount of furniture to move, 9 guys, and a 20-foot box truck that Threds lets me use.

Then, last night, another move.  We were excited to help Kristin, a great friend and a super-awesome person, in her move as a first-time home owner!  (Refer to picture…not pictured is China Matt, who I think must have been using the bathroom while this was being taken.  Sorry man.) She had significantly more stuff.  But again, with 10 guys, a 20-foot Threds box truck, and 2 other pickup trucks, the entire move took about 2 hours.  Then we were treated to home cooked BBQ, chips, brownies, and sweet tea!

It can be hard work.  It can be frustrating.  But it’s so amazing to get to step into the lives of people in our community and help them in a tangible way, in what is usually a sort of overwhelming time.  I’m so thankful God heard our conversations and prayers, and helped us find a way to serve.

In fact, our small group is so pumped up about our ministry, we’ve taken the obvious next step.  We’re getting t-shirts!  =)


  1. Greg says:

    You Crossings people can’t take a dump without somebody printing t-shirts.

    You guys print more t-shirts than most sororities which is really saying something.

  2. Jason says:

    dude, that gives me a GREAT idea for a new “taking a dump” t-shirt. Sweet. I’ll let you know when it’s ready, just in case you want to order one.

  3. Erin Edelen says:

    GREG, please don’t give him any more ideas!

  4. Michael Cody says:

    So if Im moving soon, how would I get you to help?

  5. Jason says:

    Enough advance notice to organize the troops, and plenty of cash. Duh.

  6. Michael Cody says:

    Dec. 19th.

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