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Posted: December 16, 2009 in everything else

This will certainly not be the deepest of posts.  I’ve not even thought about this blog for the last 2 weeks.  Christmas season at work is overwhelming me….at work each day 15 – 20 minutes early, eating a 15 minute lunch at my desk, staying 30 minutes late many days.  Whew.

The new Romans t-shirt for Crossings – The Manifesto of Freedom tee.  Definitely the coolest looking one we’ve done so far.  The front of the shirt is on the left – the four boxes – representing what was laid out as the “Four Moves of Romans”.  What a Mess, What a God, What a Story, and What a Difference.  The back of the shirt – on the right – follows the pattern we’ve set up where we lay out each week’s teaching date, passage, and big idea in a concert tour style print.

On Sunday, Erin/Eli/Me went to the Live Nativity Show at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum.  Family friendly, real animals, huge choir, big production, they’ve been doing it for like 30 years.  It was AWFUL.  We left before it was even half way over.  It was free, and I still felt jipped (spelling?).  If the actual events of the Nativity were as boring as that show was, maybe that’s why only two of the four Gospels talk about it.

Over four weeks sugar soda beverage free now.  The cravings are still there, no doubt about it, but I’m holding on.  The way my body feels reminds me a lot of when I went vegetarian for a couple of months back in 2008.  I’m not as thirsty or hungry all the time, I don’t have to drink a beverage just to satisfy an urge, and I’m pretty sure it’s helping me sleep better to, since I’m consuming MUCH less caffeine now.

Eli is SO very much into Christmas now.  The kid is singing Christmas songs all the time – Rudolph, Frosty, Silent Night, Jingle Bells, you name it.  We’re told he’s singing them to himself at school, he sings them in the shower, sings them laying in bed.  It’s great.  Wanna know what he’s asking Santa for Christmas this year?  Gold and money.  Not toys, not games, not movies.  Gold and money.  This, my friends, makes Christmas shopping very difficult.

(PS – in the Christmas spirit, the kids at church got on stage and sang a song during both services this past Sunday.  Eli, during the 1st service, sitting right in the front, went full-finger deep on a nose pick, pulled the sucker out, and ate it right in front of about 130 people.  Wow.)

Tiger Woods?  No comment.  It’s a private issue that remains in my family.  My wife knows how I feel, and it should remain that way.  We simply ask for privacy during this difficult time, as I deal with my conflicting emotions, and look forward to the upcoming 2010 PGA golf season.

  1. Michael Cody says:


  2. Erin Edelen says:

    Did you really have to mention Eli picking his nose at church? Couldn’t you just have said he mirrored Bill Wolf and played air guitar during their rehearsal. Or that he had mini maracas’ during second service?

  3. betsy says:

    oh sorry, that was me, not bill.

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