Email Redo

Posted: August 23, 2010 in work

I just read today that Google’s gmail offers an opportunity for an email re-do.  You know, when you send that email that you wish you could take back…..either because it was too angry, dirty, or just didn’t quite say what you wanted it to say?

It’s a limited window.  Each email you send through gmail basically stays in limbo for 30 seconds before sending off.  So, if in that 30 seconds, your heart drops, and you realize your mistake, you can delete the email before it goes out into the virtual world.

I don’t use gmail at work…we have our own company account set up through Outlook.

But that feature would have been nice back in February when I sent an angry email to my boss, where I briefly bitched about a customer of ours (a marketing manager with one of the large website accounts that I oversee), and accidentally copied the said marketing manager on the email.

Humility, fear, and deep grovelling apologies ensued.

Yes, a redo would have been very nice.

  1. Michael Cody says:


  2. Carrie P says:

    oops! Sometimes I wish I had a mouth redo. Oops…didn’t mean for that to come out of my mouth.

  3. jeph says:

    I’m glad you’re giving your blog a re-do.

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