Brett Favre is Calling Your Mom

Posted: October 11, 2010 in my thoughts

Not really, I just was reading about the Brett Favre scandel earlier, and that headline (not real, my own made up one) was stuck in my head.

I went for 2 months with no caffeine or soda of any kind.  Then I went on an 8 day work trip to Wisconsin and Indiana at the very end of July.  On that trip, I drank some authentic Wisconsin brewed Root Beer (Sprecher’s) that was amazing.  That ended my streak.  Then, for some odd reason, I started drinking an occasional cappuccino from the Pilot gas stations.  So, over the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve had several cappuccinos, and I’ve consumed a few Coke’s and sweet teas.  However, I can tell I’ve already gained back about 4 pounds, and the caffeine is noticeable in ways I do not care for, so I’m trying hard to rid myself again before it get worse.

Went camping two weekends ago with some guys from my small group.  It was our 2nd annual guys small group camping weekend.  Weather was amazing.  Ryan and Chris brought enough firewood for 2 weekends.  And I only consumed 5 hot dogs this year….as opposed to the 8 or 9 that I ate last year at the camp out.  For some reason, all I want to eat when I go camping is hot dogs.  And then all I want to do for the 2 days after camping is wish that I didn’t eat all those hot dogs.

Eli lost his first tooth (pictured).  I remember pulling loose teeth as a kid.  Don’t really remember my first, but I remember a few.  And I remember always wanting them just to dry up and fall out on their own.  I was scared to death to actually pull them out.  Eli was no different.  His little tooth was so loose I was afraid he would choke on it in his sleep.  Luckily, it fell out at home one evening while he was eating some crackers.  Fell right into his hand.  Awesome.  (I remember eating tater tots at school one year, and one of my teeth crunching in my mouth as it fell out while I was eating the tater tots)

Crossings went to three services a month ago.  9:00, 10:30, and noon.  My mind and spirit are very happy about this.  My body is not.  Spending 6 – 7 hours at church on Sundays (roughly 6:45am to 1:30pm) is more taxing than I was anticipating, especially since it’s only about 1 hour longer than I used to be there each week.  It’s sort of like eating that 9th hot dog on a camping trip, after having downed 8 already.  1 more never “sounds” that bad, right?

I’m not on Facebook.  But Threds is on Facebook.  And I’m responsible for keeping up with it.  So if you want to follow me (sort of) on Facebook…go HERE and become a fan.

I absolutely love all the hay ride / corn maze places you can go to in October!  We’ve already spent time at the Oakes Farm, Maple Lane Farms, and the Mayfield Farm….major fun!

(FYI – the picture to the right is basically an inverted bounce house at the Oakes Farm – it’s called a Bounce Pillow.  Awesome fun, and can definitely get more air-time than you can in a standard bounce house!)

  1. Hey Jason,
    Great to hear from you!
    BTW, my blogsite has changed, so you may want to update your link(or maybe not)…
    Sin is funny like that, if you taste a little, it always makes you want more, but you end up regretting it in the end. It’s a lesson we all fight to master.
    Congrats on going to three services. It most certainly is exhausting to spend your entire day there- drains you. Do make sure you give yourself a day of rest- I know your small group guys are watching out for you 😀
    Also, I might be immature, but I like your headline. Enjoy the autumn.

  2. jeph says:

    Favre is gonna get busted. I did, however, get a chance to see this person that’s caused the noise and controversy and I have to say…can’t blame him. Well, I can, but you get the picture.

    That picture of the inflatable looks like you’re standing on his shoulders. Neat shot.

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