Posted: October 26, 2010 in faith, God, my thoughts

some questions I’ve been working through, pondering, dealing with recently…

How is it that I’ve forgotten so much of Eli’s childhood already? We’ve never had a video camera, and for his first two years, we didn’t have a digital camera either, so his baby years aren’t extremely well documented.  But even now as I try to think back to his first crawl, walk, words, etc…it’s all so fuzzy.

How can I love God so much, yet at times be such a wretched person? And knowing that David, Jacob, Solomon, and the like did bad things doesn’t help.  There are times when I can’t believe the mean, selfish, thoughtless things I do, and question my true love for God.

Do people REALLY get sent to hell? I worked for a couple of years with a guy (he was 50 yrs old at the time) who was a man of faith, and truly believed that all mankind would be in heaven, that God was a God of such deep, fierce, unimaginable love, that He would bring all peoples, past, present and future, to live for eternity with Him.  He didn’t share this thought much, because other people would break into arguments with him.  But when he and I talked about it a couple of times, I have to say he made a convincing argument.

At what point will scientific breakthroughs and discoveries cease? Is it possible, that at some point, we will have discovered and invented and researched all there is in the world of science?

God, can you please help me fathom the reaches and intricacies and awe of the universe?

Is God actually still active in the lives of humans today…..or does life just happen as it happens, and we sometimes attribute things to the hand of God?

What will my son be like when’s he’s 20 years old? Will he still believe, and have his own faith?  Will he be a good person or a bad person, and how much of that will have to do with my fathering?

Why is my left foot about 1/3 of a size larger than my right foot? It’s not cool, because it makes finding a good fitting pair of shoes more difficult.

Is it possible to do anything in life without some type of selfish motivation involved?

I’d really, really love to know if it was 7 literal days, 7 geological eras, 7 “God” days, or maybe even a big bang.

How old would Michael Jordan have to be before I could beat him in a game of 21?

What were some of Jesus’ favorites? Favorite food?  Color?  Time of day?  Season of the year?  Old Testament story?

Will my questions really be answered in heaven, or will I really not give a crap once I’m there?

  1. Emily says:

    I’ve thought about a lot of these things too (don’t we all?) Here’s where I’m at right now (on a couple of these points) – even though it practically changes daily:

    Concerning being a “wretched” person: I too struggle with this constantly. I’m so incredibly selfish sometimes, I wonder how other people can stand to be around me. Father Stephen’s post on the nature of things (us and our relationship to Christ) has helped me greatly – showing me: “our victory, and the hope of our victory is “Christ within you, the hope of glory.”” link:

    Concerning Hell: I know my view is probably unpopular, but I’m inclined to agree with your friend. I could go into more detail – but it can get a little confusing to me. I just know, that the more I learn and the more I read, the more I feel that if people find themselves in Hell, also, they will find Christ there, preaching to them, telling them the truth – because Christ descended into Hell Himself. Surely, when man sees the life of Christ in the pit of Hell, he would realize the salvation being offered to him and take Christ by the hand.

    Thanks for sharing, Jason! It’s good to see what you’re thinking about, and thanks for letting me share what I’m thinking as well!

  2. Sometimes the weight of his Glory boggs me down too.
    Good thing its not what we’ve done, but all what He has done for us.

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