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Dolly…The Mistress of Chucky

Posted: September 2, 2010 in weird, work

Here at Threds, we are slowly on our way to becoming an online merchandiser for Dollywood apparel and merchandise.  Never in Dollywood’s 25 years have they offered any type of merchandise for online sales.

Of the many odd and hillbilly items to be offered, one of them is a 3 or 4 foot tall doll, apparently crafted to resemble Dolly Parton herself.  In my book, the doll is not quite top-heavy or collagen-ed enough to pass the test, but whatever.

We only have 1 doll in our facility at this moment.  And everyone is scared to look at it, touch it, or even be in the same room with it.  We all think that being near the doll may inspire Chucky himself to come storming (waddling) out of the bathroom with a bloody knife in his hand.  And considering that another Dollywood product is a knife crafted from railroad ties, he wouldn’t have a hard time finding one.

(PS – in honor of the start of football season in Tennessee, I’ve selected a shade of orange for my blog that is not even close to Tennessee orange, but would easily blend in with all the other non-shades of Tennessee orange that can be seen around Knoxville on game days.  People in these parts really love their Tennessee orange….they just don’t seem to agree on what the hell shade Tennessee orange really is.)


Email Redo

Posted: August 23, 2010 in work

I just read today that Google’s gmail offers an opportunity for an email re-do.  You know, when you send that email that you wish you could take back…..either because it was too angry, dirty, or just didn’t quite say what you wanted it to say?

It’s a limited window.  Each email you send through gmail basically stays in limbo for 30 seconds before sending off.  So, if in that 30 seconds, your heart drops, and you realize your mistake, you can delete the email before it goes out into the virtual world.

I don’t use gmail at work…we have our own company account set up through Outlook.

But that feature would have been nice back in February when I sent an angry email to my boss, where I briefly bitched about a customer of ours (a marketing manager with one of the large website accounts that I oversee), and accidentally copied the said marketing manager on the email.

Humility, fear, and deep grovelling apologies ensued.

Yes, a redo would have been very nice.

6 Months the Wiser

Posted: June 8, 2010 in blogosphere, family, music, work

Hello blog world.  At least the 2 of you who occasionally still blog or read blogs.  Let’s get started.

As much as I enjoyed blogging, and still would like to more regularly, I know it’s like riding on a train that’s half way off the tracks.  People slowly stopped blogging about 12-18 months ago, and it’s steadily declined since then.  Quite frankly, technology moves too fast for us to keep up anymore.

On that note, I give Facebook and Twitter about 18 more months of popularity.  Many who were active Facebook-ers have now become casual Face “look” ers instead.  How many people can possibly afford the time and attention to these things at the frantic pace in which our lives project?  Now, if you could simply “speak” into your phone and update them that way, that could change things.  But now, typing things out is simply too much effort.  Anybody remember having actual pen pals?

Neil Young was in concert in Knoxville recently.  It was somewhere around one mortgage payment per ticket.  I could not tell you the name of one Neil Young song.  But as I read the local papers regarding the concert – both before and after – I decided to give him a try.  Went to McKay’s, found two scratched cd’s for about $3.00 each, and so far am REALLY enjoying the first one.  Don’t even know the title of the album.  Hoping the second one is just as good.

I recently downloaded Scrabble on my phone.  In terms of the attention I give my family, my spiritual growth, and the time it takes me to use the boys room, it’s turning out to be one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made.

In the last 6 months, Eli turned 6 years old, graduated Kindergarten, his hair is growing back out, he’s now learning to swim, he’s winning trophies on Mario Kart Wii, and he says things that are way smarter than I give him credit for.  I turned 34 years old, am also growing my hair back out, have noticed a much more visible bald spot on my crown, have already burned out on Mario Kart Wii, and am really no smarter than I was about 12 years ago.

I’m still a huge Tiger Woods fan.

In late April, I spent about 4 hours in Las Vegas with my friend Robert.  He came to Arizona with me on a Threds event trip.  In 6 days we worked about 85 hours.  But on our only short work day, we finished at the event, changed clothes, drove 2.5 hours to Vegas, spent 4 hours there, and drove 2.5 hours back.  Neither of us had ever been, so it was totally worth it.  I just can’t tell you anything about it.  Sorry, it’s the rules.

I love my wife.  She makes great meatloaf, gives generous back rubs (only to me, don’t be asking), folds the laundry with more patience than I could muster in a year, loves Friday Night Lights almost as much as I do, gives so much of herself to Crossings and her small group, watches with a smile while Eli and I act-a-fool on the kids rides at Dollywood, and looks so totally cute when she wears this certain colorful headband she got recently.

This may be it for another 6 months.  Who knows.  Be good.


Posted: January 22, 2010 in blogosphere, work

This moment is truly the first time I’ve even thought about blogging in the last, what, 3 weeks?

(pause – receiving a phone call at my desk…)

And, 3 minutes later, I’m back.  That’s the problem.  I’m overwhelmed at work.  I quite simply don’t have time to do anything else.  I haven’t updated by Blockbuster online queue in about a month.  Haven’t seen anything on You Tube in who knows how long.  Haven’t been on Erin’s Facebook in probably 2 weeks or more.  Have barely even had time to glance at ESPN and during the 15 minute lunch breaks that I take at my desk.

What do know….getting paged to go to my owner’s office for a conference call….until next time….


Posted: January 4, 2010 in holidays, lifestyle, work

Today, I’ve returned to work after having 10 consecutive days off of work (December 25th – January 3rd).  That’s the most consecutive days off from work that I’ve experienced in about 6 years … and the last time was because I didn’t have a job.

In fact, in my 5 1/2 years at Threds, up until last week, I had never taken off a full 5-day work week for vacation.  All of my time off has been 3 day and 4 day weekends, or a random day here or there.

I’m not sure what to think about this extended rest thing.  Sure, I enjoyed most of it while it was happening.  Played a lot of Wii, spent 3 1/2 days in Kentucky with family, saw a couple of movies, ate a bunch of food.

But last night.  Oh man, last night.  The dread I felt last night at the prospect of returning to work was the worst I’d experienced since I was selling cars back in early 2004.  It’s not just work.  I like my work okay.  It was the knowledge that the month of January is going to be one of the busiest, hardest, most overwhelming months of work I’ll probably have experienced in my time at Threds.  Long story as to why – short version is that we’re taking over a pretty large merchandise account from another company, that company is going to be sending us a very LARGE amount of inventory (at least 1, maybe 2 full size 18-wheeler truck loads full), and we’ll have to unload it, count every last piece of it, enter every item into our computers, organize and inventory every bit of it, then frantically begin developing and ordering new products to build the line back up.  It’s a good long term thing for our company.  But it’s going to make January feel like hell frozen over.

And in all of this, my soul says to my mind, “Work is good.  It’s a person’s responsibility in the world to work, to earn his place, to add something, to build something, to contribute to the community and earn a living for your family.  Work is rewarding, and necessary.”

My mind responds to my soul, “That’s crap.  I have to work because Adam and Eve ate the fruit.  Lots of people have plenty of unearned money and don’t work.  Work keeps me away from home an average of 10 hours each day, when you add in the travel time to and from.  It stresses me out.  It never pays quite what you think it should.  It sucks.”

And so, at 4:28pm, I’ve taken 8 minutes to blog, even while things are piled on my desk and I’m very behind on the things I need to accomplish.  And I can’t wait for the next 22 minutes to go by.  And I’m normally not a can’t-wait-for-5:00pm-to-get-here kind of person.  I blame that feeling today on all the rest.  The glorious rest.  The addictive rest.  The God-honoring rest.

I spent 4 days in Elkhart, Indiana on a work trip.  Felt amazement at the vast expanse of corn fields along the interstate.  And partook of an almost live pig while there.

Went on a “stay-cation” in Pigeon Forge with Erin & Eli in early August for 4 days.

Took a 2 day golfing trip to Richmond, Kentucky with a great friend of mine who I had not seen in three years.

Saw Eli off to his first days of Kindergarten.  He’s doing rather well, I think.  Most days, his favorite part of the day is getting to choose what he wants to eat for lunch.  The choice is the key.  When I was growing up, they served what they served.  But he gets to choose between two main dishes, and can pick 3 of 5 side items.  Heaven for a 5 year old who loves eating.

Began shaving my head again.  I can’t help it.  It’s who I am.  I like it this way.

Saw our first ever sunflowers grow to be 6 – 12 feet tall.  Soon after, they got too top heavy for their own good and began to fall over.

Went tubing down the Pigeon River twice, once with 3 guys from small group, and once with Erin and our great friends Reid and Sarah.  I nearly broke my finger swinging from an old rickety rope swing on the side of the river.

Joined my first ever fantasy sports league of any kind.  And won my first matchup.

Celebrated my 5-year anniversary with Threds (today, in fact).  The longest I’ve ever been at one job in my life.

Saw my guys small group nearly double to at least 16 guys, maybe 18.  Sadly – and happily – we’ll soon be “reproducing” into two separate groups.

Heard the loudest singing from our community at Crossings that I’ve ever heard in my over-2 years of being there.  Tear jerking.

Rearranged my office at work.  Come visit me sometime.  You can see.

Spent 3 days in Charlotte, NC at the annual Salsarita’s franchisee convention.

Went camping for 2 1/2 days in Cades Cove with my good friend Chris.  My first time camping in about 10 years.  We saw 4 deer walking through the campground, saw 3 bears while driving the Cades Cove loop, did a 5 mile round trip hike to Abrams Falls, ate 4 fire roasted hot dogs each, and went through an entire bag of marshmallows.

Helped a new friend from small group move to a new apartment just days after he had a terrible motorcycle accident, broke his pelvis, busted his hip, and tore his leg up pretty good.  I’m so grateful to be in community with guys who are ready and willing to help.

Was thrilled to see my wife, Erin, be awarded the Golden BVD award at the last Crossings Leadership Community.  Congrats, honey!

Have thought often about the future direction of this blog.  I’ll get into that more at another time.  For now, please enjoy a sampling of pictures that help encapsulate some things I’ve just mentioned in this post.




Posted: July 16, 2009 in family, tv & movies, work

Day the Earth Stood Still - NOI’ll tonight work from six until eight
With other brains to speculate
Efficiency plans
That down to a man
Will give us more work and less breaks

This weekend we’ll drive to the state
Where bluegrass and coal mining mate
To hang with the crew
Both Edelen and Booe
You need me to elucidate?

Last night watched a movie so wack
With Keanu the thespian hack
Where he Stood Still the Earth
Not a crap was it worth
Can I please have my two hours back?

In the comments I’d sure love to see
A writer who eloquently
Can write such a prose
As me, I suppose
On my part it’s wishful thinking. =)