BVD Tour Stop III 1/2

Posted: May 7, 2008 in BVD Tour, humor

I know you’ve been wondering where I found a gigantic panda bear to pose with the Golden BVD back at BVD Tour Stop III.  Wonder no more.  It was at the (now abandoned) Great China Circus on the north end of Pigeon Forge.  Hmm.  Wonder why the China Circus didn’t work, other than it’s poor location at the extreme north end of town.  Let’s see, in the Pigeon Forge area, you’ve got shows like the Dixie Stampede, Hoot n Holler, Black Bear Jamboree, The Smith Family, Fiddler’s Feast, (are you seeing the big picture), The Comedy Barn, Some Guys Who All Play a Guitar and Sing, Three Drunk Guys and Their Mean Older Sister Dinner Show …… now, you throw a sophisticated, acrobatic, China Circus into the mix, and it was destined to fail.  But it sure did make for a nice picture.

  1. Heather Mounce says:

    Jason…Cory and I are participating in the Walk to Cure Juveline Diabetes (to support one of my students) this Saturday morning. I think I would be awesome to get a picture amongst the walkers…It is Saturday morning. I am not sure when the walk starts (10am I think) but we will be there around 9am or so at World’s Fair Park…just a thought

  2. Jason says:

    thanks heather! actually, i think i could probaby do that. i’ll talk to you all before then to see where you’ll be and where I could possibly meet you!

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